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Songs For Girls

Released April 22, 2022

Trading the pop and electronic tunes for something slower and more introspective, Blargg returns with her third full-length album Songs for Girls. With samples ranging from Taylor Swift, Bowery Electric, DJ Shadow, and Radiohead, the album opts for a more subdued and self-reflective tone compared to Blargg's other works and deals with emotions attached to nostalgia, memories, and regrets. It is meant to mirror the cold sleepless nights she and many others have suffered, as we can afford nothing more than to reflect on our past failures and inadequacies. The album deals with grief, depression, loneliness, and love through a melancholic and nostalgic lens. The album has unmistakably feminine energy, occasionally broken by loud and abrasive passages of intense anger or loathing. Across the tracklist, the songs can range from breakbeats, vaporwave, ambient, nightcore, noise music, and lo-fi jazz-inspired pieces. All of the songs are compressed, crackling, and adequately emulate the sounds of the early internet. Turn off the lights and take the time to be alone with yourself while listening to Songs for Girls.

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