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Released July 28th, 2023

Following the sonic detour of her third album "Songs for Girls", Blargg returns with a fresh serving of her signature electronic style. Developed in tandem with Songs for Girls, Psychopop is a fun, colorful, and atmospheric album designed to sound like a trip around the world, from the deepest seas to the highest skies. Psychopop is a combination of house music, breakbeats, pop, and trap percussion, all without forgetting the experimentation of her last album. Featuring the singles Blargg Zone (Blargg Anthem) (Blargg Theme Music), Aquatheon, and Blarggmobile, Psychopop is an album to make you feel like you’re floating, whether through air or water. Close your eyes, tune in to Psychopop, and embark on a high-flying journey above the clouds.

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