Hello ladies, this is the page where you can learn more about my sexy self. My name is Blargg, however, seeing as I am charming, sexy and romantic, people often refer to me as Princess. I live in one great big house. Not only is my house huge, it is also very well and tastefully furnished and decorated. I know this, because all the sexy ladies that I bring back to it often are always complimenting me on it. Another advantage of having a big house is having so many bedrooms to choose from, although, normally, the ladies I bring back are gagging for my body so much that they just go for the first bedroom we get to. Other luxuries which my house boasts are a swimming pool, golf course, ten-pin bowling alley, cinema, tennis court, sauna, spa and pool room. Are you not already jealous? As you can tell, I am very rich. This is because I have made a fortune from my music. I am one of the most successful musicians of all time. I have an excellent sampling and arranging style, and am a marketing genius, as reflected by my endless sold-out concerts. I can also sing in many different languages, which, being of exceptional intelligence, I have self-taught myself.

In addition to being very rich and talented, as you already know, I am very sexy. I take pride in my appearence. I am particularly proud of my blue hair, which I am always tending to. People are always telling me how good it looks. I suppose they are jealous, as my hair is much more fluffy, thick and full than theirs. Also, my teeth are beautiful. Very pearly white with a single fang, meaning that I have an incredibly cute, sexy smile. Not to mention my eyes. People cannot resist looking into them; even men do it. I always lose at staring competitions, as the other person's eyes become fixated on me. What else makes me so sexy? My jewellry. I have a lot of very expensive jewellry. All of the women that I see think it is so sexy (bit like me, really). I wear many rings and necklaces. I also have a very good fashion sense. I particularly like my Kaws x Bapesta FS-001 Low 'Pink Camos'. They cost me $4,500, which may sound expensive to you, but to me represents little more than a drop in the ocean. All my clothes are custom-made by fashion designers in Europe. Then, there's my million dollar candy collection. The ladies find it so appealing, and they love to eat it. Of course, that is not the only thing which they love to eat ;) I boast a collection of 75 gold mirrors. It is necessary to have this many, as my house is very big, and I like to be able to look in a mirror at all times. If you looked like me, would you not be the same?

Age: In my prime
Sex: 100% constant
Occupation: musician, sex machine
Hobbies: SEX, singing, vibrating my hands, jogging, golf, tennis, pool, swimming, driving my fast cars, making people feel jealous, looking in the mirror, tending to my fine hair, bowling, shopping, traveling, pumping iron. Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Pussy
Favorite quote/s: " Am I not hot? " " I'm such a rebel! " " I am too sexy for this world ".



Girls Only!!!